Gumpaste Goodness for Summer Weddings

PCFTeam's sister promotional team, The Promo Swap Team, will be saying goodbye and shutting down in just a couple of weeks. Before they go, we wanted to share some of the fabulous members of that team with you. 

Today's featured shop is a member of both The Promo Swap Team and PCFTeam. Our featured shop today definitely offers summer wedding gumpaste goodness to decorate your wedding cake or cupcakes. Colors can be customized for weddings, as well as being pastels, vibrant or ombre hues. Finishes also include matte, shiny or pearl shimmer, making these gumpaste goodies perfect for the special occasion fitting our fun Summer Wedding Theme! 

Take a look at the great summer wedding items from Gumpaste Garden, specializing in making lifelike gumpaste items for your special events such as Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Anniversaries, Christenings and Birthdays. (All images are clickable.)

Which one is your favorite???

Summer Wedding Jewels

Summer Weddings are absolutely beautiful. Not that all weddings aren't gorgeous, but summer weddings can often have beach themes and be outdoors in excellent weather conditions.

We're doing a series for Summer Weddings here on the Team Blog. We're going to be sharing lots of summer wedding finds with you, and today we're sharing lovely jewelry.
All images and titles are clickable, so please feel free to click for more info!

Aren't these lovely? Which one is your favorite pick?

Facebook Promotion

If you're an Etsy shop owner and you have a fan page on facebook...

You may have noticed a sharp decrease in facebook page reach (the number of people who see your facebook posts from your fan page) lately. Many, many things have changed on this social media platform during recent months. However, facebook will now increase your exposure based on page activity. The more ACTIVE your fan page is, the more REACH.

Take a minute to think about this. How engaging is your fan page? Do you ask questions? Do you get answers to those questions asked? Are people liking and commenting on your posts?  There's a way that we can help each other as small business owners. We as handmade artists are a community, and we are and can be a strong force when we work together toward a common goal.

Our goal: Increase our facebook reach.

How are we going to do this? Facebook promotion! 

We are Promoting Creative Friends Team, and we can do this.

We've started a new discussion topic in our Etsy Team threads: Facebook Fun.
If you're on facebook, and you can spare just a minute or two of your time once or twice a week, we encourage you to read the short directions and see how we can work together to increase our reach.

Our Winners Are...

We have TWO winners for our first group giveaway, winning one Sampler Box each.
Let's see who the winners are!

Thanks goes out to all our participating shops and to all those who entered our first group giveaway. Remember that there are still a few Sampler Boxes left for sale. You can check availability here

Our SHOP HOP is now live, so please link up your Father's Day gift idea!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be implementing some new ideas and series here on the team blog.

Be prepared for a Summer Wedding series, where we'll share lots of summer wedding ideas and handmade goodies!