Just Hooking

My name is Danielle and I am originally from Massachusetts. However I have been living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for over 5 years now, going to school and working. I am in my last year (finally) of Architecture school at Temple University. When I am not at school or one of my jobs, I spend most of my free time crocheting with my little Yorkie puppy, named Osmosis. I love teaching people how to crochet and sharing my Youtube taught skills with my friends and family!

I chose the name justHOOKing because I wanted a shop name that was funny, yet had meaning to my craft. Crocheting is done with a single hook that you use to loop the yarn through itself many times to create all kinds of cool and complex things. Still makes all my friends laugh that I have a little business called justHOOKing J

I started my business because I had a lot of friends that wanted my crocheted baby products that I was making. Then one of my co-workers that sells purses on Etsy (liliglow) got me “hooked” and it’s been Esty night and day ever since!

The five things I want people to think when they see my products are:
  • 1. I need that J
  • 2. How fun!
  • 3. How creative.
  • 4. To realize the time it takes for each piece to be made, even a 5 dollar piece can take hours.
  • 5. How can I make it my own? I love making custom orders and creating new things!

My supply addiction is definitely buttons! I have so many buttons I am constantly buying!

When I am not crocheting I am usually making architectural models or writing papers. If I get time when I am not doing either I like to surround myself with friends and give my boyfriend the attention he deserves. I lead a very very busy life, so it is amazing to just sit down put on a movie and relax with my puppy and boyfriend.

Right now I am obsessed with my Infinity Chain Scarves! I love making them and decorating them with bows and flowers.

The amazing thing about crocheting is that it is relaxing and I truly enjoy it, so it does not keep too much motivation to keep up with orders. (usually just lots of caffeine)

Promotion Promotion Promotion! I have some friends who have recently started shops and I have noticed only the ones who are actively promoting themselves on Etsy and Facebook and such are the ones thriving. Its hard to start a new shop on Etsy because there is already so many people selling everything. Without getting your name out there by joining teams, making friends, making treasuries, creating a FB page, it is really hard to get noticed among the crowd. This does not mean you have to spend all kinds of money on ads either. I have yet to pay for advertising (minus a few BNRs) and I have been growing. It just takes a lot of time and persistence.

You can find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/JustHOOKing/291226720897773



Jackie said...

Loved reading your story and love the business name "JustHooking." It is great! It is amazing then even when you are so busy, you find the time to do the things you love and you enjoy it so it can be relaxing. I know my passion de-stresses me! Thanks for sharing your story!

Christie Cottage said...

Great feature!


MoanasUniqueDesigns said...

What a fabulous creative name for your shop. Your items are so pretty. thanks for sharing your story.

bebbyjumpers said...

An interesting feature and a lovely shop!!

Amydscrochet said...

Great getting to read about you & learn more about you. As a fellow crocheter I can relate to the actual time & effort it takes to crochet projects. I love your shop and you make such beautiful things.

just B you said...

Great shop name. =)
I love that pink camo hat. So cute. I also have the minnie mouse hat faved, I believe...I'll have to double check (if I don't, I need to fave it!).


Cwtch Bugs said...

Enjoyed reading all about you and your shop....I know what you mean about crochet..it's addictive and relaxing at the same time :)

Danielle said...

Thank you so much everyone for taking a read! This team is full of great Etsyers and I appreciate all of your comments and views! You guys rock :)

Susan King said...

Great feature! I love crocheted items.