Carrie Bagalio Paintings

*Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Carrie Bagalio. I am from Vermont....4th generation vermonter actually! Although I love to travel I'll always love living in Vermont. I grew up in central Vt with my parents & sister who have all been very supportive of my artistic talent. I went to Green Mountain College & Studio Arts Center International (florence) & since then have been working out of my home studios, & selling and showing where I can. I currently live in Stowe Vermont. 

*Why did you start your business?
Its my biggest aspiration to be able to make a living from my art. I started my Etsy shop in hopes that it can be one of my stepping stones to the goal.

*What are 5 things you want people to think when they see your product?
  • I want people to feel happy. 
  • I want them to connect with my art and be reminded of a similar situation. 
  • I want people to have a warm feeling about people in there life. 
  • I want people to be drawn in to the detail of the painting and enjoy daydreaming. 
  • I want people to stop, think about and appreciate the moments and people in there daily ives.

*What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up?
Living in a small town, I go with what is closest! I don't aways have the option to be fussy with paint or canvas brands, so I'm not. I prefer cheap brushes because I know I will go threw them quickly regardless. (The worn out ones make great hair sticks!)

*What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy? 

I love the outdoors. In the summer I'm a hiker and a biker. In the winter In a cross country skier and a snowshoer. I spend time hanging with my awesome husband and our basset hounds, spent time with friends......and........I'm a very hard working waitress. (aka=super determined woman)

*Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?
I enjoy painting as a whole. I start with an idea from everyday life, them get together someone to put into pictures.(always a fun time doing art photo shoot) My realism has a process where I get to be mathematical, and challenge my skill level. Then my colors and patters let me relax into a different looser stage of my creativity.

*What keeps you motivated?
My family always told me I was a great artist. Sounds simple, but it has always driven me. Plus I'm very stubborn.... I want this, so I will make it happen.

*If you could give a piece of advice to a new shop - what would it be?
In Etsy, I'm still new... Connect with others.
As for advice to artists in general. ..Keep going, maintain your integrity. When I was in college I remember meeting so many outside "artists" that told their was their major, then they found something to pay the bills & don't have time for art. It was discouraging. I am determined. I have been out of college for 8+ years now, its hard, but I remember promising to myself I would not be another cell phone rep in trade for art. Yeah, I cant afford luxury things & I have to wait tables. (for now) I'm also experiencing life, painting about it, supported by others and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

*Are there other places on the net we can find you?
You can find me at:


handustry said...

"I want people to stop, think about and appreciate the moments and people in there daily lives. " So true and inspiring.

Great discovery I made today here.

watercolors said...

As an artist myself, I certainly appreciate your wonderful talent.

Love your prospective in your paintings. Very unusual and creative!

Best to you.

Linda (FrogBlossoms) said...

I love your paintings. The scenes are so vivid, and the colors so vibrant. I expect to hear the sounds of skateboard wheels on concrete, the swishing of wine in a glass, or pool balls breaking on the table!

You have a wonderful talent! Best of luck in your artistic endeavors and in your etsy shop.

Linda :)

Tatiana LadyBug said...

Carrie is my new favorite on the list. It is amazing how talented she is. Love these vivid colors :)

Best of luck on Etsy

Toppy Toppy said...

I totally love your work, all the paintings are so vivid.

You have a big talent, I'm really impressed.

Good luck


katkero said...

Nice to meet you.
Beautiful art.

Maya said...

Absolutely wonderful! Glad we got to learn more about you! Keep painting, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Jmillie said...

I have to agree with every statement posted above. Your art work makes one stop, look again, interpret, wonder and marvel. I admire your determined manor for in the end that is the driving force to personal success. No doubt more good things are in your future.


Carrie Bagalio said...

Thank you all! Very happy to be able to share my work with you.

Judy Wright said...

Your perspectives are so crisp...both whimsical and intriguing. You are very talented. Hang onto that're good!


Tigerseyecrafts said...

Wow! This is the kind of art I like, a slice of life. Your determination will get you through. Terry

Sylvia Hart said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the colors.

Nina Reweti said...

Love your art, and will favourite your shop until I can afford it.
Keep at

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

I love the everyday quality to your art. Scenes from life. The little things that go unnoticed as we hurry around. You make us stop and take a break at just how lovely a simple lip gloss or toe in the tub can be.