Little Madam tutu

*Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself 
I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and now reside in Staten Island, NY. I am a creator, I love to make things from anything, my passion is crafts and now sewing. I am also an accountant, being an accountant is very stressful. My therapy is when I create; it makes me feel all warm and mussy inside. I put all my passion into everything that I do, and sometimes I don't even want to sell some of the items that I make. I guess you can say that I get attached. It can be the craziest hour of the day and something will pop into my mind and then I have to make it. If I the funds to open a store front I would do it in a split second. This has been my passion since I was a little girl, and hopefully I can pass this on to my little ones. 

*How did you decide on your shop name? Why did you start your business? 
My shop name came from the the tutu craze, and then I thought it would be a fabulous idea to add a little spunk to it by adding Madam to the name. I started out by doing craft shows as a fun little side thing, but then I wasn't working full time and I knew it was now or never. I was determined, so I built my own sites and marketed in any way that I could via social media and of courses word of mouth. 

 *What are 5 things you want people to think when they see your product? 
5 things I want people to think of when they see my products: 
have to have it 
can I really wash that 
hand-made items are worth every penny 

*What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up? 
It is definitely ribbon, I cannot pass up sales, Luv the texture and bright colors and of course my animal prints. My favorite color combos are black, white and red, but my favorite color is deep purple. 

*What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy? 
I am a full time accountant, I love to work out when I can, play games, put large puzzles together, paint with the kids and I also like to fish. 

* Is this your first craft adventure or have you tried other crafts? What would you like to try? 
This is not my first craft adventure, my very first time was when I was a little girl and my late grandmother would sit with me for hours and show me how to make lace picture frames for the Christmas tree, the backing was made out of felt and we even put a small piece of plastic so the pictures wouldn't get ruined. My grandmother showed me how much I really enjoyed doing crafts, so from every year forward, I would make these lace picture frames and sell them to buy Christmas gifts for my family. One year my other grandmother even sold them to a florist, it was amazing. I would really like to become a professional sewer, I can sew now but I want to take it to the next level. 

*What keeps you motivated?
 My motivation comes from within me, it make my blood pump when I come up with a new idea. My children motivate me, I want to show them that they can do it all, nothing is impossible. 

 *If you could give a piece of advice to a new shop - what would it be? 
For any new shop, don't give up, it take time to get established. These last two months I received 2 orders from overseas, it was the most exciting shipment I made. 

*Are there other places on the net we can find you? 
You can also catch me on Facebook Twitter Pinterest 


Tak said...

You are so talented!! Thanks for sharing with us and I wish you all the success you are destined for!!!

Sandra's Card Shop said...

Such a fun shop! A little girl's dream come true :o)

Wendy said...

So so fun!! Love that you made things with your grandmother. The best way to learn! :-)

ageratum said...

So nice to 'get to know you' and your lovely shop! I wish you the best of luck in all your creations with many sales on etsy and elsewhere. Peace. ;) Donna

Creations By Janet said...

I really enjoyed looking through your shop and getting to know you! I know you will do well on Etsy.

justByou . said...

Great feature! I'm off to check out the shop now. =)

MoanasUniqueDesigns said...

This shop is so darn cute. If I wouldn't look so ridiculous, I'd have a tutu for myself.

Little Madam Tutu said...

Thank you so very much for taking the time out to read about my shop and about me. Also huge thanks to Audrey because her blog is so fabulous as usual.

thanks xoxo
Little Madam Tutu

Little Madam Tutu said...

Also for those who are on pinterest you can find me at