Getting Back to BNRs

What is a BNR?

Sandra, a PCF Team leader and owner of Photography by Sandra, offers the following definition:

BNR stands for Buy and Replace. It's a treasury that is active. Shops come by and rather than just stopping in and faving and leaving a comment, they come in and chat for a while and hopefully "buy in". The BNR is moderated by the curator and the idea is to get sales for the shops featured in the BNR. 

The BNR is open for a fixed amount of time, usually a day, maybe a week, maybe a few hours. When you "buy into" a BNR, your shop takes the spot of the shop that you bought from. Hopefully someone will come along and buy from you. 

BNRs have different rules, so make sure you read them all. They typically have a minimum buy in price that's usually after coupon code and before shipping. It's pretty much expected that you have a coupon code for the BNR - typically 10% - but it's up to you.

Normally you have to "call out" the shop you want to buy from and wait for permission to shop. This is just asking permission to shop a shop, e.g., May I shop GRISTMILLDESIGNS? The curator will confirm your call out and tell you to go ahead. You go and shop, come back and post your transaction link as well as the shop you bought from, and the amount you spent according to the BNRs requirements.

Typically you can buy any item in the featured shops, but double check the rules.

The rules about "carry overs' vary. In the PCF Team BNRs, if you "buy in" you will be carried over to the next BNR. Other BNRs may start fresh every time, once again read the rules. 

In some BNRs you can win a spot through promoting and bringing in people who fave or buy in. They might have contests to win spots, etc.

This week the PCF Team is getting back to BNR fun. We figured it's the perfect time, as early holiday shopping begins during fall season! This evening will be the preview for the BNR event, a collaboration with the We Have your Back Team on Etsy. That means that the treasury list will be up for viewing (and possibly early shopping).

Here are some of the shops that are kicking off the preview for our BNR. Click the banners to visit the shops and browse! The link for the BNR will be posted tomorrow as well, for your convenience.


2justByou said...

This is going to be great fun!

Crimson Hill said...

Looking forward to it!

Maya said...

Can't wait! Hope lots of people stop by for a chat and some great shopping! : )