Friendly Shop Feature: Candi Ware

This week is the beginning of our Friendly Shop Features series!
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Candi Ware Jewelry makes miniature food jewelry that's scented to add a little love, fun, and happiness to our world!

Candice is the owner/creator. She's a PCF Team member and here's what she says about promotion:
Facebook is my favorite from of promotion because its so easy to use and so easy for everyone to see updates. I post lots of photos of things I'm working on, a step by step on whats new. People seem to really enjoy it!

Her biggest creative inspiration: cook books and just enjoying food!

Find Candi Ware Jewelry on the web:

Be sure to visit Candice and take a look around. Or visit her on any of the social media sites listed above. =0) Promote our creative friend!


Maya said...

I love miniature things and those pumpkin pie earrings got me right away!! I may have to indulge. Great feature! : )

Brittany Davis said...

This is so adorable! I love all things miniature (and food related).

Such a great shop!

Found you via EBT :)


2justByou said...

These minis are so cute! I really like the gingerbread man in the cup. =0)

Ashley Duggan-Smith said...

Those pumpkin pie earrings look so real, they made me want to go and buy a real pie!

The Art Bug said...

I love miniatures! Love all these pieces!