Friendly Shop Feature: Bead Work by Smiley Kit

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This week we invite you to visit Bead Work by Smiley Kit!

Specializing in unique beadwork items of many kinds, this shop has so much to offer. You'll have to browse the shop yourself and see what you can find. Learn more about the owner, Laura, with our Question/Answer session outlined below.

Your shop started out as SmileyKitCreations. Why did you decide to change the name?
I decided to change the name of my shop to more respresent what I do, which is beadwork. I wanted to start to really brand my work.

What are your favorite beads to work with?
I would have to say all of them lol, but seriously, I think my favorite type of bead to work with are the Delica Beads and the size 11/0 beads. Yes they are very small but I just love how you can weave them together to make beautiful items.

What's your biggest inspiration? 
Other beaders that have been beading most of their lives. I am amazed at what can be done with beads. Also, I would have to say my 17yr daughter who is an artist, she has such wonderful ideas. I also look at nature and animals, animals are my next passion I just love dogs and cats and want to bring them into my shop.

You listed twitter/G+/Wanelo as your favorite forms of promotion. Why are these your favorite, and if you could choose only one - which would it be?
I'd have to say one reason these are my favorite forms of promotion is they are easy and quick to use and do bring in the most traffic for me. If I had to choose just one I would choose G+ because it is still new to sellers online and is growing fast. There isn't a lot of socializing on there like other platforms and yet you still can get noticed quickly. Oh and search engines, like Google, your posts you share get picked up on Google. I see a lot of my posts on the first page of Google a lot and this too brings some good traffic.

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What's your favorite piece from the shop? Tell us in a comment. :)
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SmileyKit Creations said...

Thank you for featuring me this is great

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...I've been eyeing Smiley Kit for awhile and I'm definitely a fan. Very talented!!!

Linda Blatchford said...

Great feature. Her work (the cat) with the tiny beads especially is fantastic.

Always With Me said...

Lovely feature. I really love this listing from her shop

2justByou said...

I love the little figurines she can make. I've been a long-time fan!

Myrna Neal said...

I like the second bracelet in pictured. This is such nice work!

Audrey Kerchner said...

Love the string bead bracelet.