Friendly Shop Feature: Yankee Burrow

Today's Friendly Shop Feature is owned by Debbi - a seller that has sold on multiple platforms, including Etsy and Zibbet. Here, she's sharing a little bit about herself and her shop. She is multi-talented and sells handmade and vintage. Enjoy!

* You've sold on multiple platforms. What is your favorite selling venue and why?
I've sold on Etsy, Zibbet, and Handmade Artist, and I have a store front on my facebook page, but now I sell exclusively on The Craft Star.  I love the support and family feeling of The Craft Star, and they are right on top of the next new way of on-line selling and  They have a strong presence on Google+, have weekly get-togethers, and I am getting ready to do my second "live" event of showcasing my shop on google+ and youtube throught The Craft Star.  I can't say enough good things about that site.  I had 2 shops there, but just recently I put my vintage and handmade together into one shop for easier focused promoting for me....Yankee Burrow.

* What is your favorite item to make?
I love to paint and draw, but with kids, and housework, and errands, I find it easier to grab some yarn and a hook.  With crochet, you can put down your work easily, and do it anywhere.  I do a lot of my crocheting in the car (as a passenger of course) or just relaxing at the end of the day.  My wonderful husband built me a studio where I can run away to and play with my paints and beads without interruption. :0)

* What's your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration would be my mother.  She was an artist and I spend many many many happy days at local art shows with her.  And I spent many many many happy hours helping her to prepare for each show, lol.  I inherited her small art table and many of her sketches when she went home, and to honor her I have started a line of greeting cards and art work sharing her drawings.  I call it "Rusty Art" and I will eventually add some of my own original work to the line.

* You listed twitter and your blog as your favorite forms of promotion. Why are these your favorite, and if you could choose only one - which would it be?

My blog would have to be my favorite means of promotion....I love to tell stories, and to share, and a blog is a great format from which to share not only my items, but handmade items for all over the place.  I like to do artist features from all venues, and I love to talk about my family and my childhood memories.  I am always surprised that other people comment and enjoy my stories.  And like Bethan Davis always says "every item has a story", and you can't always share that story in a 140 character tweet.But I do enjoy twitter too because it is so quick and easy, so I use my mobile app...a lot.  :0)
As I stated before, I also sell vintage.  I love history, mine and everyone else's, and if these old items could talk...what wonderful stories they would share.

Sometimes there are vintage items that I like to update for a newer look, handmade and vintage together...

Here's every place that you can find Yankee Burrow...
and I keep them all together on my about me page...
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Debbi Huntington said...

thank you!!! what a wonderful feature, I need to share share share. :0)

Bethan Davies said...

Lovely feature! Thank you for praising The CraftStar! We're delighted you love our community.

Anonymous said...

Very nice feature. Great products!

2justByou said...

That pewter dinner plate is gorgeous! And I wuv that elephant card - too cute!