Urban Style Knit

*Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself.
First of all, I have to say that English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. However, I've lived in Denton, TX for some time.

I learned to knit when I was 9-10 years old. Knitting has always helped me to stay positive in difficult times, sort out my thoughts and be happy. So when we (me and my mother) had a chance, we opened a small family business.

*How did you decide on your shop name? Why did you start your business?
URBAN STYLE - is for style we choose to be our main style of clothes and accessories. US is for us, as mother and daughter working together.

We started our busness because we had couple of rough years and we needed to do something that brings us happiness. Moreover, we love when our creations bring joy to someone.

*What are 5 things you want people to think when they see your product?
Have to have
Not afraid to buy from Russia

*What’s your supply addiction; is there a specific color or type of supply you just can’t pass up?
I'm addicted to very bright colors and raindbow self-stripping yarn.

*What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy?
I enjoy life in general, so it's hard to pick something.
While I'm working on items for my shop, I love to listen to some music. 

When I'm not creating, I enjoy some good book or TV show, maybe some walk around the city with my friends or try out some new recipe.

* Is this your first craft adventure or have you
tried other crafts? What would you like to try?
Knitting is my first craft adventure. I've tried and enjoyed cross stitching. Right now I have my mother to teach me how to crochet.

*What keeps you motivated?
All the beauty around me - nature, my family, my friends etc. - keep me motivated.

*If you could give a piece of advice to a new shop - what would it be?
Have a patience and don't be afraid. Don't let other people discourage you.

*Are there other places on the net we can find you?


Tak said...

Lovely story - You are very talented and it's wonderful you can share your craft with your family!!!

Julia/USKnits said...

Thank you!

Creativelycarole said...

I love your collection, lovely story.

MoanasUniqueDesigns said...

It's so wonderful to meet people from all over the world. What a great story! Wishing you and your Mom continued success.

Maya said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story with us. It's wonderful to meet new shops

justByou . said...

Lovely feature shop and interview! =)

Jackie said...

Gorgeous products! You are very talented, I envy such skill. I enjoyed reading your story.

Toppy Toppy said...

Lovely shop and story!

I enjoyed both.

Tatiana LadyBugCo said...

Nice to meet another daughter - mother joint venture :) Wish you insparation and success !

Ildi Beleznai said...

Lovely, colorful shop!!!! Have a good success here!

Janie said...

What beautiful work! I love your colors, too. You inspire me and give me a happy smile. Thank you,
Isabella's Whimsy

JewelryByAmyT said...

Love your creations and reading your story!