Moana's Unique Designs

I come from a military family, but have lived in Panama City now for over 20 years, so I guess this is home. After working as an RN for almost 30 years, I became ill with heart failure. I was confined to home and then had to have heart surgery. So my shop began during my recuperating phase. I had to find something to do or I was gonna go insane. Luv gardening, so my floral designs started to come to life.

While still working, people thought I looked like and had the sarcastic wit of "Mona" on the Tony Danza show where he played a housekeeper. Yes, that show is ancient. Yes, I'm an old fart. So I was nicknamed "Moana" and that's where my shop name originated.

I hope that when people see my shop items, they think of the beauty of nature, whimsy, quality, functionality and the uniqueness of my products. My advise to new shops is to be patient, build up a shop inventory, promote and support others. Build your circles and your social networking sites. Provide great customer service and quality products.

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just B you said...

Absolutely LOVELY feature for today! The vases are really very pretty, and I already have a custom order in with this seller for a light switch cover!

GrowingPhasesFarm said...

Great feature ... supporting others and networking is good advice and you do both very well! Great shop and wonderful individual!!

HC said...

Gorgeous items. Always enjoy looking through this shop.

Jmillie said...

Moana, you always make me smile!!


katkero said...

Nice to meet you.
You do some beautiful designs.

Shannon said...

Love your stuff Ann Marie!

Maya said...

Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself and your shop! I was always curious about the name of your shop. Love that you named it after Moana! : )

Your pieces are beautiful! Keep up the great work!

Darcy said...

So interesting to read about fellow teammate.