Charity of the Month - February

February’s Charity-of-the-Month is the VA Hospital in Temple, Texas.

Marsha (and her husband), Etsy shop owner of “Bagsandhags45” is our point person for February.

If you wish to donate items the following is what they are in need of:

  • Wheel Chair totes/ bags Lap blankets
  • Lap blankets
  • Knitted/Crochet Urinal Covers
  • Knitted/Crochet Trac Covers for people who have had to have a Tracheotomy
  • Women's Trauma Ceremony, ( is class given twice a year for women who have been or their family has been through trauma. At the end of the class they have a ceremony and like to give out gifts to all the women I was told they would love donations for that.) anything from purses, to candles, just about anything.

If you wish to make a monetary donation from your shop sales you mail that to:
Temple Voluntary Services Mail Code 135
1901 Memorial Veterans Blvd
Temple Texas 76504

You can designate where you would like your funds to go:
Social Work Fund - This is for activities for the Veteran's
Comfort Fund- This is for purchasing items for the Veteran's when they come into the hospital such as shaving/hygiene

Thank you to all of you who choose to support our vets in this manner.

PS - Here is the thread on the team for this months Charity:
Charity project for Feb 2012

Check there for places to get patterns or ideas on what to donate :)

Thank you to Katherine ( for putting this post together :)


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LifeCovers said...

A great charity. I'll be posting a purse for the Women's Trauma ceremony.