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When I started this team in July - never in my wildest dreams did I think it would ever ever get this big!!! There are 1397 members!!!! I was thinking that if a couple of hundred joined and were willing to promote others it would be a good team.

Well there might be 1397 members, but there aren't even 200 that will comment in at least on thread during the week.... that's too bad.

Some of us were chatting the other day in a new thread wondering why we were on sooooo many teams that we never commented on! Some were on at least 14 teams, but only went to a couple on a regular basis, this team being one of those couple. So I went to check how many teams I was on.... I'm scared to tell you! Would you believe 43?!!! I'm not kidding! Many of them were BNR teams - I left most of those. Some where promo teams that I never comment on - left those too. So now I'm down to 24, 1/2 are treasury teams where I promote my team treasuries a few times a week. That got me thinking.... how do we get more members to comment on our team?

Since the name of the team is PROMOTING Creative Friends, I had been wondering how many people actually promoted the SHOPS OF THE DAY during the week. So for the last 5 weeks or so I've been keeping track. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that 97 shops promote the SOTD at least once a week, each week! Wow! That's wonderful :)) All people have to do to get on the SOTD list is to "check-in" once a week. Did notice though that at least 1/2 the team has checked in at least once to get on the list, but only 97 promote the SOTD.... hmmmmm. That got me thinking. Since so many of the shops only check-in and never post on any other threads, I've changed the way that I pick the SOTD. For the last week, I've been picking 2 new shops (or shops that check in each week) and also 2 shops that promote the SOTD at least once during the week. It's only fair that the people who actually post and promote, should get promoted. Don't you agree?

This thread was a huge success before Christmas. There were many many sales from this event, and a lot of promotion. I've noticed though that this month it has been really really slow... so I think we are going to change it up a bit.

We started a new thread: THINKING OUT LOUD, where we will brainstorm together, trying to figure out the best way to promote shops and the team. It looks like the SHOP 'TILL YOU DROP EVENT may be moved to weekends only, though I'm still working out the details in my head. There have been other great ideas too - we just need to organize. Please feel free to post ANY ideas you might have!! We all want to make this a better team :)

This thread has been a wonderful way to promote a shop. Some weeks we get 70 treasuries, some week we only get 25... not sure why. Jennifer (thenosweatshop) and I have come up with a different way to do it. The idea has been posted on the THINKING OUT LOUD thread, on page 6. Jennifer is going to take that over starting tomorrow morning. This will be fun!! Thank you Jennifer for the idea and taking it on :)

Pinterest, Wanelo, Twitter, FB, Etsy.. Promotion Party
This wonderful thread was started by Coral (toppytoppy). We've been running it for almost 2 weeks now, anyone can sign up by picking a day they would like to host. Be sure to check for the last list on the thread, then copy/paste it and add your FB page. We have had 4 sales from this thread already!! WOOHOO!

I've been receiving a lot of convo's lately, people are confused by the titles of some of the threads and not sure where to post their treasuries. Sometimes what makes sense to me, makes absolutely no sense to anyone else (at least that's what my husband tells me - yes, I still love So starting in March we will change the titles of the treasury threads to:
* Team Treasuries - must have at least 1/2 of the featured shops be from the team.
** Non-Team Treasuries - self explanatory I hope :)
*** BNR/BNS Treasuries

Hopefully this is less confusing.

If you are wondering about the photo's in the post ... I think a blog post is always more interesting with photo's. I have taken this items from the team leaders shops:

Thank you to everyone for their help with the team!!
Hope you all have an amazing weekend :)



justByou . said...

This is a wonderful update, Audrey! You are such a great team captain. And we have wonderful leaders and members in this team. The new ideas sound excellent. The past few weeks have been a little busy for me, but I'm ready to promote creative friends!!! I LOVE PCF! =)

True Treats Pet Bakery said...

Its amazing what you're doing. I am on 70 teams!! I try to post in them but can't always do that. I particularly cant participate in every teams events.

Since the beginning, I have been fairly active in PCF but not as much as is fair. I promise to be more involved :-)

sumanasa said...

Thank you so much!
I have had great success in the PCF team events...

MoanasUniqueDesigns said...

Audrey, I am so glad u posted this blog. I have the same concerns. People checking in I've never even heard of. It seems as if there is a core group who participate on a regular basis. Glad for the rule change ups, I don't want to promote people who don't promote their teamies. Personally kinda sick of people who want the exposure from others but don't reciprocate in any way. Can u tell I'm crabby today??? LOL!

Jmillie said...

Audrey - wonderful post and updates. I heartedly agree that if you join and do not partake, you should not expect exposure. That includes myself! I am probably on a dozen teams for each shop (2) that I have and actually only come to PCF with regularity. I need to clean house!


Toppy Toppy said...

Wonderful post.
Thanks to all the promotion you give to all of us!

Katharine Hoff "Greenlioness" said...

I've been participating in teams for only about a month but have learned a lot in that time. I will try to branch out and learn even more about how I can help my teammates. I also appreciate how much help I have received from team members when I have had questions.

Faith said...

Nice timing - today, before reading your post, I removed myself from several teams. I opened my shop in May, didn't join teams for a while, and when I did, I joined a bunch (still under 30, I think). But to go from zero to that amount was dizzying.

I realized I shouldn't be part of teams I'm not able to participate in, so I'm trying to seriously consider what I can invest in. I enjoy your email updates so I can follow links, but I don't put myself up to be promoted, especially if I know I can't make time for the SOTD.

PaintedDesignsByLona said...

I know what you mean about posting on all the team threads. Some nights since that is usually my free time, I hop all over like frog legs in a frying pan! Thanks for the input on the treasury because I never know if it can include non-team sellers. That was real clear!

Wendy said...

Well said, Audrey. I agree and understand on so many levels. Thank you!

Laurie Alves said...

Thanks so much for the very detailed Update! Makes things much more clear. I know personally I have had much success with the team and am happy to be involved as much as needed. I also see as you do the same core of people who participate and was wondering why that was too...So glad for the patient and understanding point of view. I try to keep up as much as possible, and will try to be more pointed about my participation. Thanks again for the Blog Post! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Audrey, this is a great. I comment and try to promote as much as I can. I am still very new to Facebook and Pinterest, so I'm still learning about those. I work full time as many others do and find that by the time I get home, get dinner cooked it's time to go to bed to start all over again. I try to check in every week and read every email you send out. I just don't always have time to sit at the computer and chat with everyone. (wish I did) Long, long story short, I am going to try to do better about the promoting than I have in the past. Beverly, Texas Lil's

Amydscrochet said...

Thank you for the update on all the changes that will be taken place on the team. Looking forward to the new things to come.

teryl2 said...

Whatever we do, I am sure it will be fun and interesting. I am also on too many teams that I just don't have time for. I'd better do something about that. Thanks to the leaders for working so hard for this team. Terry

Katie said...

Thanks for the information!

I lurk in the teams right now, since I am in school and super swamped. I'll be more active come May!


Katie =^..^=

Sandra's Card Shop said...

Excellent post Audrey!

Ridge Top Embroidery/ Ridge Top Cottage said...

I love this blog! Great ideas and updates! I'll do all I can to keep promoting the team! It's a very supportive team and I'm glad to be a part of it!

Mary said...

Great update, Audrey, especially for those of us who are new to the team. I'm hoping to become more involved as I can.

Patty said...

Stopped by for a look. Put the pcfteam button on my blog. I am Twisted Sticks on the team.

TheHomeArtStore said...

Good Article Audrey! I try everyday to promote your treasure and the SOTD. I don't know really know what a BNR and BNS is and how to super involed in them. Still learning how to sell. I do my best to promote. But will try harder. The PCF team rocks.

Pam - TheHomeArtStore

manda from maddywear said...

Love the blog today! I think it is a great way to switch things up a bit and I agree that just because someone check's in, doesn't mean they are actively promoting.

As always I am impressed by the spirit and creative nature of this team and am glad I dedicate what time I can spend online to this group. :-)

Maya said...

Thank you Audrey and team leaders, you are amazing! I too am on a few teams but only check the PCFteam regularly. I like this team because there seems to be a genuine feeling of really wanting to help fellow etsians and I like that. I think all your ideas are great and I try to participate as much as possible.
We are in the middle of moving right now and will be without internet access for the next week so I will not be able to participate but I intend to get involved in as much as I can again soon.
Thanks again for all you do! : )

Anonymous said...

Well done for doing such a brilliant job. It is so great to be part of such an active team on Etsy!