Charity for April & May 2012 is: Fight for Maddie

We have choosen to help a five year old girl, Maddie, who has a malignant brain tumor.  We are collecting items to send Maddie with the hope that these gifts will bring her some joy and help make her feel like a princess.

We are also sending money to help pay for Maddie's medical expenses.  And we are supporting her mom and dad by sending items in an attempt to help make this time a bit more bearable for them.

Here is a something about Maddie that we have copied from Maddie's Facebook page.
"Many of you know about our precious Maddie, who is five years old,   and was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a very aggressive malignant brain tumor. Although this the most common brain tumor in adults, it only accounts for roughly 9% of pediatric brain tumors, translating to affecting only .00036% of all children in America! We are establishing this Facebook page to share information and request your support, prayers, well-wishes and contributions for help in fighting this terrible disease."
Maddie's Gift Wish List:

·         hair accessories (Maddie is losing her hair)
·         toys
·         dolls
·         clothes for Maddie's 15" doll (please make them a bit large as Maddie is having trouble dressing her doll)
·         coloring items
·         craft items
·         stuffed animals
·         jewelry appropriate for a 5 year old
·         decorative kid pillows
·         large hole beads to string on a necklace or ribbon
·         decorative ribbon or necklaces for large hole beads
·         anything a little 5 year old princess might enjoy
·         things to help make it a bit easier for mom
·         larger tote bags for hospital and doctor trips
·         things to help make it a bit easier for dad

All items should be sent to Jenn the owner of Etsy's thenosweatshopis. You can contact her at:

Ways to Donate Financially: 



2) you can also send it directly to the organization at:
Fight for Maddie
P.O. Box 120340
Arlington, Texas 76012

PCF Contact Information:

Jenn at is the point person for our April-charity-of-the-month

JewelryByAmyT at is our over-all charity point person / shop

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Sewinggranny - Mona said...

God Bless Maddie and those helping her out!

Janie said...

Thanks to Jenn for coordinating the work. How are we doing on contributions so far?