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Hello, my name is Kimberly Idalski, I live in Petoskey Michigan, USA. I'm a mom of two amazing children. Married for 20 years. We have lived a few places. My job moved us to this area in 1997. Since I was 19 years old I was a 911 emergency operator. I helped people all the time and loved every minute of it. Stressful but so rewarding at times too. I also worked as a Deputy in the Jail where we lived. In 97 I chose to move to a better paying 911 job in Petoskey and became a 911 supervisor here. I loved it. Sadly in 2005 I was in a near fatal car accident. I had 4 children with me in the car, I was not at fault in the accident. Thank god the only one injured was me. I have been through 14 major surgery's and 6 minor ones since then. Im due to have another next month. For many many years I was unable to do anything. Nothing helped the pain. The summer of 2011 I decided I was not going to live my life in bed, I was going to find something I loved and do it, even though I could never help anyone again I knew I needed to do something that would create joy in my life and others. So I decided to make jewelry. I started buying beads of all kinds. Then I came across a polymer clay bead made by Ikandiclay here on Etsy. Once I held it in my hand I fell in love. I asked her many questions and she told me where to start. From then on I was hooked. Now if I can cover it with clay I do. I found that while Im working with clay and making my jewelry and crafts I don't realize my pain. What a wonderful thing the mind is at times. Mind over matter is such a true statement. There are days when I cant create and I go through withdrawals and need my clay. My kids now even love it. Clay days at my house are so fun. I found something that saved me and that is creating. Im blessed to have that and an amazing family, 4 doggies, 2 parrots and a huge bunny. lol Needless to say my life is full and I love it.

Originally I had chosen the name for my shop to be Kimis-Jewelry-From-The-Heart, but everyone said that was too long. Then I considered The "bird lady art" because there is always one of my parrots on my shoulders while creating. No one liked that either. So I just randomly picked my initials Kimi and chose Kimi's Jewelry & Gifts, easy and simple. Since everyone called me Kimi growing up it kind of fit. :) So excited to begin I purchased business cards. That was such an amazing feeling opening that box seeing my name and the word artist next to it. I was no longer the handicapped bedridden mom. I was someone again. I had made over 300 items. Many of my craft friends on Etsy kept telling me to open a shop. I thought that I would get a ton of things made then open. Not realizing what a chore it is to list things. Ugh, I wish now I would have opened my shop in September of 2011. I'm still listing all my items and still creating almost everyday. So the list continues. But I love it so I don't mind :).

I hope when people look at my art they see color, beauty, hard work , and all the love that I put into each and every item. Some of my things are collaborated works of art, working with clay you use clay canes (which I dont like to make yet, I have tried but I prefer to create with them). So i met many amazing artists when I started purchasing clay canes. My favorite creations are hand sculpted. Be it a tiny little petal to a bright blue turtle. lol I love it all. Ill try anything once. I love when people give me an idea and ask me to create it, I love the challenge. Love creating something special for a person to love and cherish. That makes me happy seeing them happy. If I can make one person smile a day. I have been given the best payment there is.

My supply addiction is clay canes. There are
several artists on Etsy that I'm hooked on. I cant say no. Of course they create new ones daily. At this time I have over 300 canes. I have decided no more buying for awhile. Unless of course something catches my eye. LOL. I would have to say pink is my downfall and petal canes because I love flowers and love making flower creations.
When I'm not claying I'm a mom. I love hanging with my kids, creating with them, talking, playing games, watching them doing the things they love, my daughter is a cook, we all enjoy her creations, yum. My son loves football, basketball, hunting, fishing and playing video games. Sadly my disability's prevent me from doing a lot. As a family we love to go camping. We have an awesome camper. I know that's not real camping but it is for us. We also love boating, we have a pontoon and go out on long trips on it and have cookouts with friends and family and love to fish off of it. So when I'm not claying I enjoy every moment of every day, because im lucky to be here. I treasure everything, and strive to make a wonderful memory everyday for my family and I.

What Item do I enjoy making the most. I would say sculpting the black and red rose pendant. Because that is my favorite type of creating. Making barrettes with flower petals would be a close second. I have long hair and I love barrettes, I call them HAIR JEWELRY.

My motivation is to keep my mind clear and as pain free as possible. When I'm not creating I find myself going back into that painful slump. So I get in my studio, get my hands dirty and I'm happy as can be. I get excited about everything I make and cant wait to share it with everyone. To post on facebook, twitter, Etsy, Artfire, email all my friends and family. Whoever will listen. lol Im so happy with what Im doing I love to share it.

My advice to new shops is READ THE DO'S AND DONT'S OVER AND OVER. Create with love and love what you do and everyone else will see that and love your work as well. When you put 100% into it, it shows. Take great photos. Im re-doing some of mine. Have a better camera now. Like all struggling artists not all can afford amazing cameras. but if you have $20 and want great quality see this man: Littlebigshot is business name. He designed an attachment for cameras and you wont believe the quality. Amazing difference. I don't know him but sure am glad another artist sent me his way. Lastly never give up, we all have our days when things are so slow that we wonder why we create more when things are not selling. Dont think its you. Dont ever give up, if you love it. Eventually the right person will come along and love it too. Patience . Happy Sales and Creating Handmade to all.

I am on many sites. I'm on Kimi's Jewelry & Gifts, Facebook, Pinterest, Flicker, Twitter, Artfire and at times I sell on ebay, searches under, kidalski, or Kimis-Jewelry-From-The-Heart . Here on etsy my email is the same but my search is: kidalski.



Lulu Divine said...

How beautiful!

Maya said...

Your beads are gorgeous and your story is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us!

Tak said...

Lovely story! Thanks for sharing your tips and your wonderful jewelry pieces!

Janie said...

Kimi, your work is beautiful. I think you are shows that you love creating these pieces. Thank you for the encouragement!