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My name is Sherry Jones - I live with by wonderful husband of 26 years in the heart of North Carolina in a small town called Franklinville. We have three awesome children: Kelly, married with two adorable children; Katie, a newlywed and soon to be graduate from WCU and our handsome son, Kasey, a junior at WCU (Western Carolina University).

Simply Notes and Totes was started in 2005 after much prayer. My husband and I have a small (mom and pop) commercial printing company and with the changes in technology and economic conditions - our business began to take on many changes - and I needed something to do to supplement our income - After receiving a sewing machine very unexpectedly for Christmas in 2004, I felt that was an open door and my answer to prayer. 

I hope that when people/friends visit my shop that they can tell that I take great pride in trying to make the very best totes and accessories that I can. I use high quality cotton prints and try to make something for the young and the young at heart.
SN&T is a family operation. My sister-in-law, Ann, my husband, Sam and both
Katie and Kasey help with cutting, ironing and tagging.

When we aren't sewing, printing or traveling to our craft fairs, we play music together and enjoy our church family. I play piano, my husband, drums, Kasey plays saxophone, piano and sings, and our daughter, Katie plays the keyboard, flute and sings. We love the outdoors as well and like to garden and plant flowers.

I do home parties and enjoy watching the host pick out her favorite tote for hosting a party. 

Staying motivated is easy when doing something you love gives you such joy. I can have a very stressful day (in my other job) - and get behind my sewing machine and its like everything goes away - it brings me much peace.

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Sandra's Card Shop said...

It is always interesting to learn more about fellow etsy shops :o) Lovely selection of items :o)

Tak said...

What a lovely story! It sounds like you have a very full and blessed life! You have a wonderful shop - many wishes for much future success!

Nancy O said...

Wonderful collection, great story! I wish you great success with your shop!

Maya said...

Your items are wonderful, I love apron! And I love that it's a family business. It's so nice that you can work together and enjoy what you're doing! Lovely to get to know more about you and your shop!! : 0

Creations By Janet said...

Great shop! Beautiful workmanship! And I loved hearing about you & your family.

justByou . said...

Wonderful feature shop! I love that polka dot tote shown up at the top. =)