Friendly Shop Feature: Fiber and Bead Boutique

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This week we invite you to take a peek inside Fiber and Bead Boutique, a shop creating beautiful crochet, knit and other fiber accessories, along with lovely beaded jewelry!

The shop owner's favorite form of promotion is making Etsy Treasuries, and in turn, being featured in Etsy Treasuries. The partial treasury shown below is one of Bonnie's treasuries curated earlier this month. Beautiful, isn't it? You can click the image to visit and leave a comment on the treasury.
We asked Bonnie, one of the four owners/creators of the shop, what her biggest creative inspiration is. This is what she said:

Since there are 4 of us in the shop, I can only speak for myself, but color and texture is what grabs me.

Each of the creators of the shop does different things, and Bonnie has chosen an item from each creator to showcase for this blog post. Please visit the shop to see more of what these ladies has to offer!
You can also find them on facebook here:

What's your favorite piece from the shop? Tell us in a comment. :)
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Bonnie Lease - Fiber and Bead Boutique said...

Thank you for the feature!

Anonymous said...

Very nice feature. I'm off to explore the Fiber and Bead Boutique!

2justByou said...

I love that top scarf! Great feature.

Always With Me said...


Rita (SticksNStonesGifts) said...

Enjoyed the feature and learning more about our teammates and their works. Best Wishes to you all for continued success.

ArtOnceAgain said...

Beautiful scarf! She's very talented.

ArtOnceAgain said...

Lovely shop! The scarf is gorgeous.

Traci said...

Wonderful feature. I love to see the everyone's specialized craft.