Friendly Shop Feature: Ilona Paper Passion

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This week, we invite you to meet Ilona Paper Passions! This shop offers custom made printables delivered to your e-mail, ready for printing. There are party decorations, invitations, holiday & photo cards, thank you cards - all custom designed for you and your event.

Ilona is the owner/creator, and this is what she says about facebook:
Facebook is my favorite form of promotion, because I can interact with my fans. It is not just for presenting my product; I can also share party ideas and recipes from my Blog. Some of my recipes that I include on the Facebook are perfect for a party.
Her thoughts on creative inspiration:
The biggest creative inspiration are my children and the world around them. My older son loves to play soccer and I came up with few soccer designs. Right now, I am working on the dinosaur digital kit because I see every day my younger son with them. Also, I saw my son with a robot shirt the other day and new ideas immediately flows to my mind. My imagination is constantly working:)
Last thoughts from Ilona:
In my Etsy shop I offer every invitation with free thank you card that will be customized by me as well. I specialize in party packages that include banner, cupcake toppers, gift tags etc. I offer unlimited revisions and I will work with every customer until satisfaction is achieved. I offer my designs in two languages: English and Polish. I also had orders in different languages but I needed to have exact wordings from customer and they came up perfectly. I take custom orders as well. Thank you
Find Ilona Paper Passions on the web:
With the holidays coming up shortly, if you're in need of some party decorations, check out Ilona's shop and see what you can find. Promote our creative friend! Share this post: Give it a tweet, a share on fb, and help us spread the PCF love.


JewelryByAmyT said...

Great article and shop! Thank you for sharing :-)

Ilona PaperPassion said...

Thank you so much for featuring my shop!

Memories for Life said...

I love the mustache themed set...adorable :)

2justByou said...

I love the mustache set. =0)

Handmade Cuties said...

Lovely shop and great blog too :)

Joseph Galbraith said...

Great site and will it come in handy soon!