Something New

One of our awesome team leaders signed us up for a really great opportunity to be beta testers for something new on Etsy. Much thanks goes out to Katherine, the mother of Amy of Jewelry by Amy T, for giving us this chance to be one of the first Etsy teams to give it a try.

Introducing...Our brand new TEAM PAGE on Etsy!!!

What is a Team Page?
It's basically a landing page where we can promote our team members' shops and looks a little bit like Pinterest with "lists" of items. 

If you're a member of Etsy, you might be familiar with the "list" feature, as it has been available for a little while now. Along with adding an item to your favorites, you can also create a "list" and add items to that list. Our team page is full of "lists" and we will slowly be building our lists and adding new items to the categories. Now, our team has a collection of lists to be able to share with everyone.

In other news...
We've been attempting to re-vamp our team social media pages. With all the focus on the blog, pinterest and twitter, we had completely forgotten that we also have a Team Facebook Fan Page! What's great about social media is that it offers us a way to connect and share our shops and items with even greater reach. We can connect in ways like no other. To make it a success, though, we need to start and first build our presence.

Visit our Etsy team discussion, and add your social links HERE.


Handmade Cuties said...

Exciting & fun promotional tool. Thanks for spreading the word:)

2justByou said...

Hooray for social media! =0)

Crimson Hill said...

Glad to be a part of it!